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Taiwan Hiring: Male and Female Factory Workers For Tai-Technology Electronics

Company Name:TAI-TECH Advanced Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tai-Tech Technogies ensures that its Products can satisfy customer required Spec, Service can satisfy customer requirements, company internal "Operation" and "Service" can meet former project to ensure the needs of the project and really Make Self-quality Assurance. TAI-TECH Advanced Electronics Co., Ltd. Established, Capital NT$ 27.5 million, Main Products: Multilayer Chip Bead / Inductor.

Company Address:No.1 You 4th Road, Youth Industrial District, Yang-Mei, Tao-Yuan City, Taiwan

-Male & Female, 20-30yrs old
-at least 2yr Vocational Graduate
-5'5 and above height for male
-5'1 and above height for female
-with or without work experience
-for first timers only

Visit Sky Bourne Intrernational agency office at 1679 Dian St., Brgy San Isidro, Makati City. Mondays thru Fridays (9am to 6pm). 


Taiwan Hiring: Male and Female Factory Workers For Tong Hsing Electronics


Tong Hsing Electronic Industries Limited is a world leader in micro module foundry services. We specialize in the development and manufacture of micromodules and custom semiconductor packages. Since 1975, Tong Hsing has held to the principle of providing best solutions for the company and its customers, devoting our energies to become our customers' best business partner by offering substantial benefits in the form of competitive pricing, timely delivery, and quality products.

-Male and Female, 20 to 30yrs old
-Height: 160cm above for male and 150cm and above for female
-Weight proportional to height
-2 years Vocational graduate and above
-accept first timer and ex Taiwan
-with working experience in machine operation, in electronics industry or inspection
-No tattoo
-No colorblind

Visit Grand Placement & General Services agency at following address:
A)2nd Flr, 1636 F, Agoncillo St., Malate, Manila. 
B) 2nd Flr, Causing Lozada Bldg., M.J. Cuenco st., Cebu City, Cebu.


Hiring: Factory Workers For Inventec Solar Energy In Taiwan

Company: Inventec Solar Energy Corporation

Brief Introduction:
Inventec Solar Energy Corporation established by Inventec Group and WIN semiconductor as a joint venture was founded in 2010. The company specialized in research and development and manufacturing of multi-crystalline silicon solar cells. Inventec Solar completed its registration on October 28, 2010, and the registered capital amounted to 200 million US dollar.

Daxi Township, Taoyuan County 335, Taiwan

-Female, 20-40 yrs old
-Height must be 155cm and above
-Weight proportional height
-At least Bachelor's/ College Degree
Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply
-With or without experience
-Ex-Taiwan / First timer are welcome to apply 

NSO Birth Certificate
With UMID / Stub (with application at least 3 months for stub)
and bring other supporting documents


Manila Address:  G/F, Goodwill Bldg, 1662 Leon Guinto St Malate Metro Manila
Contact Tel no. :516-3457
or call and text 0917-8856-638 /0917-8718-381 / 0918-9628-613

Cebu Address: LDM Bldg, Legaspi St. Cor. M.J. Cuenco Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines
Contact: (032) 505-7142
or call 09817-8856-638 / 0917-8712-250/ 0918-9628-614 / 0932-8851-251

10 Top Company Suppliers Of The Famous Apple Corporation In Taiwan Where OFW Works

Apple Corporation have released its top 200 suppliers, there are several companies in Taiwan that represents procurement expenditures for materials, manufacturing and assembly. Apple as one of the leading brand worldwide definitely needs a lot of company suppliers to have the best quality products.

As one of the popular company and brand for Filipinos, here are the top 8 companies in Taiwan where there are at least a single working OFW that supplies Apple.

1. Hon Hai Precision Corporation (Foxconn)
Industry: IC manufacturing, assembly and packaging

2. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co
Industry: IC manufacturing, assembly and packaging

3. Pegatron Corporation
Industry: IC manufacturing, assembly and packaging

4. Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Corporation
Industry: IC manufacturing, assembly and packaging

5. Amkor Technology Corporation
Industry: IC manufacturing, assembly and packaging

6. Catcher Technology Corporation
Industry: Metal, plastic casing and assembly

7. Yageo Corporation
Industry: Passive electronic components

8. Largan Precision Co Ltd
Industry: Camera lens manufacturer

9. Unitech Printed Circuit Board Corporation
Industry: Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

10.  NXP Semiconductor
Industry: IC manufacturing, assembly and packaging

Other honorable mentions with great company outlooks that are also Apple Supplier in Taiwan are Unimicron Corporation, Kinsus Interconnect, Micron Technology, TDK Corporation, Nanya Technology Corporation and Panasonic Corporation.

Multiple PCB Companies In Taiwan Gearing Up For Mass Production Demand By Apple

Apple is about and expected to introduce the company’s new generation products of iPad and Airpods. Several printed circuit boards (PCB) companies in Taiwan are to supply the needs of flexible PCB and rigid-flex board needed by Apple.

Flexible printed circuit board firms Flexium Interconnect located in Kaohsiung and Zhen Ding Technology located in Taoyuan are gearing up for a mass production supply for new models of iPad devices.

Rigid-Flex circuit boards that will be used for the much waited AirPods 2 will be made by Compeq Manufacturing in Taoyuan and Unitech PCB Company in New Taipei / Yilan. The supply will boost revenue for all of the companies.

Earlier this year Flexium, Zhen Ding and Compeq seen their revenues decline due to weak demands, while Unitech grew its revenue by 5%.

Taiwan Hiring: Froklift Operator For Sun Yarn Textile

Sun Yarn Textile Co Ltd

Company Overview:
SUN YARN textile co ltd. as established in 1969,located in ho-mei of chang-hwa hsien , The textile town of taiwan. We mainly produce 100% cotton and blended yarn for Denim, Curtains, Homme textile, etc. ,also highly devoted in functional yarn, for example tencel, viloft ,outlast and acrylic yarn. The company’s target is to have steady quality, punctual delivery and thoughtful service. 

Hemei Township, Changhua County, Taiwan

Male, 20yrs old and above
At least 2yrs vocational graduate
167cm above in height
Weight proprotional to height
No tatto
No lefthanded
With work experience is an advantage

Visit and apply personalky at TCNIVERO International Manpower at Unit Q, Violeta Court, FB Harrison Rd., Pasay City, Manila. Bring necessary documents for applications.

Needle Found In A Mcdonalds Hamburger As Customer Bleeds

A Mcdonalds customer from Chiayi County have rushed to the hospital after taking a bite on his hamburger. The beef hamburger from Mcdonalds in Beigang road, Chiayi branch have a very sharp metal object which is later described as a bent needle.

On his 3rd bite on his meal, he suddenly feel a very sharp object that lacerate his tounge. Employees of the fast food chain immediately send the customer to the nearest hospital.

The health department of the country is preparing to impose heavy penalty to the fast food for violating the Act of Governing Food Safety and Sanitation. The penalty or fine can reach from NT$60,000 (Php102k)  up to NT$200million (Php370million).

Initial investigation that an employee of the chain have used a steel brush in cleaning the containers and a bristle of the steel brush fell into beef patty that cause the said incident.

(pic credit to the customer)

Taiwan Government To Phase Out Plastic Straws

Resident of Taiwan support the plan of their government to totally phase out plastic straws in the coming years according to Environmental Protection Administration of Taiwan (EPA). This is part of the effort of Taiwan to protect and preserve the environment.

The ban on plastic straws in Taiwan will be implemented by July 1, 2019 in government sector, all public and private schools, shopping malls, departments stores, fast food stores and food court services. Taiwan needs to lessen its plastics waste as plastic straw is one of the common type of trash found in the bodies of water.

Majority has favored of phasing out plastic straws that show high percentage that agreed to it. If there were no conflicts, it will be officially to broadcast the implementation.

Along with plastic straws, PET bottles and plastic bags are part of the regulations that are placed for recycling, the phasing out of plastic straws will be implemented by phases and expect a to impose a complete ban in the next 10years.

Taipei Ranked 8, London Tops For The List Of Mega Rich Residents

According to Knight Frank’s 2019 Wealth Report that have just released, London clinched the top spot for numbers of mega rich residents in City with individuals worth a minimum of US$30Million. Here is the current top 10 list of number of millionaire in each cities:

1. London (4,944)
2. Tokyo (3,732)
3. Singapore (3,598)
4. New York (3,378)
5. Beijing (1,673)
6. Paris (1,667)
7. Seoul (1,594)
8. Taipei (1,519)
9. Zurich (1,507)
10. Sao Paulo (1,352)

London has the most number of richest billionares including the members of the billionaire line of Rausing Family who owned several companies in Europre. London will still remain as the place for most richest resident until the end of 2019.

New York is on the only US city in top 10 of the most number of richest resident while several Asian cities has been the hub of billionaires which biggest number of cities in the list.

Hiring: Production Operators For Accton Corp In Taiwan

Accton’s strong R&D capabilities have stood the test of time. An impressive 30 years of constant design and development excellence has formed the backbone of the company as it has transformed and grown. Today, as a leader in the design of open hardware platforms for data center, carrier access, and campus networks, Accton is recognized by global top-tier players as world-class partner in the design and development of quality networking products.

Main Products:
Communication devices, LAN Cards, Ethernet, Router, Network products

Hsinchu Science Park,East Dist., Hsinchu City, Taiwan

-Male and Female, 20-40yrs old
-150cm above in height, 40-60kg in weight for female
-160cm above in height, 65-85kg in weight for male
-at least 2yrs Vocational course and above
-with factory work experience(SMT,PCB)

Visit and apply personally at Sky Bourne International agency at Dian St., Brgy San Isidro, Makati City, Manila.


Taiwan Chip Industry Forecast For Lesser Growth

Chip industry of Taiwan have expected to have flat growth year nearly 0.9% in production value based on year-in-year growth, demands weaken amid trade uncertainty and lesser demands on smartphones.

Forecast report was according to Taiwan Semiconductor Industrial Association (TSIA), the chip industry to have a production value of NT$2.64 trillion, a 0.9% growth. The growth was trimmed down due to consumers have least interest in smartphones that weaken its demands.

The IC industry of Taiwan covers chip design, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing with the manufacturing sector covers 50% of the Taiwan’s total production value.

Even company heavyweights, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp (TSMC) and chip designer MediaTek will be affected in the low percentage of chip production in Taiwan.

Hiring: Pharmaceutical Workers For Bora Pharma In Taiwan

Bora Pharmaceuticals has become one of the fastest growing and profitable pharmaceutical companies in Taiwan, serving patients in more than 20 countries through a fully integrated network of research, discovery, development, manufacturing and commercial capabilities. 

Antidepressant, antipsychotic, dementia, sedative, antihypertensive, atherosclerosis hypoglycemic drugs, antacids, ophthalmic agents, antiparkinsonism agents, antibiotics agents, osteoarthritis drugs health supplements

Zhunan, Miaoli, Taiwan

-Male, 21yrs old and above
-College graduate
-160cm above in height
-weight proportional to height
-with work experince in any food or phramaceutical manufacturing

Melakom Global Services Incorporated
Manila Branch: 1662 Leon Guinto St, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines
Cebu Branch:
 LDM Bldg, Legaspi St. Cor. M.J. Cuenco Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines


Taiwan Hiring: Factory Worker for Food Factory

courtesy of google search

Company: Hsinchun fa mi fen co. ltd
Product: Food processing company

Position: Factory Workers
Location: Taiwan

25-30 years old
155cm above
at least High School Graduate
with food processing experience (MACHINE OPERATOR)
for first timer only
Not Colorblind
Not left-handed
No Tattoo
No vices
20/20 eyesight



You can drop by in their office from 9:00am-6: 00 pm Monday-Friday.




0917-119-1925 / 0908-862-8364
(02) 536-39-50

Please bring ANY of the documents:
Passport, UMID, DIPLOMA, TOR, F137, NBI, BC, POSTAL ID (Black), SSS ID, VOTERS ID, and Any valid ID