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Neophyte Filipino Artist making money through USED OIL Painting?

    It is always very inspiring to see how my fellow alumnus doing something great in his life. I feel amazed and proud for the first time I saw a Filipino doing his best in Painting  Industry through  "USED OILS" as a medium in painting.

Michael S. Buan a Visual Artist from Silang Cavite Philippines.To him, painting before was not his priority but fate keeps on dragging him into this kind of gift. He has no formal education in Fine Arts yet his talent of painting is exceptional.

He said,"Art is the product of talent, courage, patience, perseverance, passion, hope and touching someone else's life; through your creation and good deeds." 

He was inspired by the great artist which he admired most like Salvador Dali, Juan Luna, BenCab and Jordan Mang-osan (The Solar Artist). He preferred to use surrealism style of art in his original creation.

How he came up to use oil as a medium in painting?

Mr. Buan was having difficulties in disposing used oil from his motorbike and so one day he got an idea to use "use oil" as his medium in painting and it turns out to be great and less cost rather than buying expensive tools in painting.

He said, "Using a used oil as a medium of arts is eco-friendly because we all know used oil is basically pollutant for our natural resources. Because of having a difficulty in disposing of the used oil came from my rugged motorcycle after changed oil and a very expensive art mediums. I got an idea to used it as a medium in art because of its dark color characteristic."

"The objectives of this creative idea are: First, is to create a work of art, out of waste material such as used oil. Second, is to be able to help to lessen the used oil that is disposed anywhere or in our sewerage system that pollute our environment."

"In order to protect my intellectual property, I filed an application for patency at IPOPHL. But I quieted in processing my application because of a long period of processing and they are insinuating that I need to get a patent agent to process the application on my behalf. But I can't afford to pay for a patent agent.Even it's not already patented, I would like to introduce to you my artistry called "GRASA ARTISTRY". Para sa mga Taong Grasa, sa mga nawawalan ng pag-asa at sa patuloy na umaasa sa bukas na dala-dalay bagong umaga."

Mr. Buan had cultivated his talent in painting when he was still high school. He graduated from his secondary which run by the nuns at The Sisters of Mary School Philippines Cavite branch. A school that caters 100% free Education, Clothing, Board, and Lodging.  The only secondary school in the Philippines that caters Vocational courses while taking academic subjects. The school is choosing children who wish to study from the poorest of the poor families in the Philippines. This was founded by late Venerable Aloysius Schwarts which started in South Korea then later to the Philippines, and now have branches in the country of Mexico, Brazil, Honduras. 

Mr. Buan is one of the chosen scholars from the poorest of the poor families in the Philippines that had been given the privileged to study for free, that is why he is so always thankful to the institution and the founder of the Sisters of Mary Schools for such an opportunity which changes his life much.

He said, "I hope that one day this artistry will become an instrument to propagate the good will of Venerable Aloysius Schwartz (Founder of the Sisters of Mary and Brothers of Christ)"

In God's will, he successfully made it and created various artworks. And as of now, he is already a commissioning artist, doing portraits out of used oil.

To contact Mr. Michael S. Buan you may email or may visit his facebook

some of his arts:




  1. ang galing mo proud of you...

  2. wow kuya....Sisters of Mary is very proud of you....congratulations....Fr.Al is very happy in heaven of your accomplishments...


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