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Due to Defeat in Mobile legend, a OFW smashes his phone

Are you playing the game of Mobile legend? Are you addicted to it? Some may say YES because it's like you are fighting in the real world. And other says NO because they are still able to control their addiction to the game.

It is about 10 million people around the world are playing the game of mobile legend and one of this is my friend who is a very addict in a mobile legend game. It is his habit to play from morning until night if there is a free time or sometimes sneak from his work just to play the game.

He hated much on his fellow gamer because of being dull and lack of strategies. Sometimes it came up of throwing bad words to his opponents.

One afternoon, while he was playing, he was not able to control his emotion. He suddenly struck the phone to a cemented wall and smashed it on the floor using his feet. Which resulted to damaged and broke his Samsung note 5.

It was too late when he realize that he should not break his phone and must not attach too much on the game.

In recent research, those people who are addicted to the game may suffer emotional distress, hypertension, lost of focus at work, and sometimes can't eat on time.


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