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Tropical Storm Mawar to cause rainy weekend in east and south Taiwan

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The 16th tropical storm of the season, Mawar (??), will result in a rainy weekend for the east coast and the southern part of Taiwan, according to forecasters.

By Tuesday noon, the storm was still a tropical depression east of the Philippines.
However, it was expected to follow the route set by Hato and Pakhar, two storms which stayed away from Taiwan but brought destruction and loss of life to the Guangdong region of China, including Hong Kong and Macau.

Mawar would cross the Philippines on Thursday or Friday and gather enough strength afterward to be upgraded to a tropical storm, weather experts said.
While it was unlikely to head in Taiwan’s direction, it would still cause rain on the island, in particular in the south and in the east coast counties of Taitung and Hualien, according to forecasters.

The area east of Taiwan was particularly prone to the formation of tropical depressions, such as Tropical Storm Sanvu (??), which originated on Monday and was likely to gain typhoon status as it approached Japan, though it would not influence the weather in Taiwan itself.

Mawar is the Malay word for rose. Weather experts predict that up to two typhoons were still likely to hit Taiwan this fall.


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