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"Free Walking Tour / Golden Age" in Taipei

Merry Christmas Ka-Pinoy are you looking for another Free Walking Tour around Taipei. Here is the Taipei “Free Walking Tour / Golden Age” walks you through places where once Taiwan’s literati and artists gathered and give you a peek of how Dadaocheng has transformed over the years into a creative hub where traditions clash with innovations. This still another for a free tour from “LIKE IT FORMOSA” organization. 

This package includes the tour going to:
1. Zhongshan Hall
2. North Gate
3. Taipei Post Office
4. Tianma Tea House
5. Xia Hai City God Temple
6. Dihua Street
7. Ning Xia Night Market

Schedules will be:
Tuesday 3PM
Thursday 3PM
Saturday 3PM
Sunday 3PM

Meeting place will be in:
Exit 5, MRT Ximen station

Duration will be 2.5 hours. And again this is a tip based tour. It will depend on the tour guide if how much they will give.

You may book for free at 
For more details, please visit


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