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Taiwan Winning Receipt For The Months of November and December

Hi, Ka-Pinoy here in Taiwan. Are you keeping your invoice receipt? Well, if yes it’s time to check because who knows you’re the next millionaire.

The Ministry of Finance of Taiwan releases it’s winning number for the month of November and December 2017.

The winning number for the NT$10 million special prize is 75350343.

The winning number for the NT$2 million grand prize is 67035249.

The winning numbers NT$200,000 for the First Prize are 03696891, 79882491, and 77486437. In any of the lucky number will win.

And If you have the last seven digits from right, you will win NT$40,000 (US$1,300). And if you have the final six digits in the right order, you will receive NT$10,000 (US$329), and if the last five digits are the same, then the prize is NT$4,000

With the four final digits in the right order, the holder of the uniform invoice can receive NT$1,000 and with the three last numbers right, NT$200.

For this last three digits winning numbers 055, 816 and 292 will win NT$200.


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