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Amendment Of Labor Law In Taiwan To Take Effect Immediately

Taiwan's newly appointed Hsu Ming-chun  of the Ministry of Labor has approved the newly amendment for labor law. The new labor law will take effect on March 1, 2018 and will effect the 15 million workers in Taiwan including migrant workers.

Below are some of the highlights of the new labor law:

1. Maximum overtime per month extended to 54 hours but not exceeding 138 hours in 3 months

2. Overtime can be made up by compensatory leave

3.  Selected working sectors are allowed to work more than 7 days in a week but not more than 12 days.

4. Portion of paid annual leave that is not taken with the current year can be deferred  to the next year

5. Quadrupled pay is removed for the rest day overtime

6. A worker can choose to get paid for overtime work or have compensatory leave

The only industry that are allowed to have a more than 7 days work but not exceeding 12 days are form the food, manufacturing, water, electricity and gas sectors.



  1. Why the Caretakers not included to thia New Law.. We Are also a Migrant Worker.. Please Explain..

  2. Please include us on your new Law! Caretaker/Caregiver are migrants worker too....your country is so unfair!

    1. Kta nmn po jan including migrant workers

  3. What about the extension of another 3years term from the 12 years term?? Can you do something about this matter?

  4. please include home base to your new labor law we are human being and we need to have a rest once a week



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