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Food Trip At Raohe Street Night Market

There are numerous Night Markets in Taiwan specially in Taipei. Shilin night market is the famous one, but Raoshe Street Night Market is not far behind. Located in Songshan District in Taipei City just near the Songshan MRT Green line.

Raoshe street market offers lots of different food selections. From beef steak, chicken fillet, seafoods, milk tea, fruits and vegetables. 

Aside from foods, Raoshe night market has variety of goods and apparels.
Someone may buy their souvenirs here, from souvenir shirts, shoes, watches, keychains, etc. 

If street foods is not your taste, there are lots restaurants inside the night market. Have a cheap shabu-shabu around and some fruit shakes and drinks.

How to go there?
You may follow the exit marking after riding the MRT Green Line. Roahe Market is located at Exit 1.

Eat your hearts out..!       


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