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List Of Needed Expenses When Applying Job In Taiwan

There are lots of requirements when applying for a job abroad, specially in Taiwan.Every applicant needs to comply and pay every fee for them to go and work there.Below are the expenses that one applicant will need to have in order to work in Taiwan.

For expenses on requirements:

1. Php 900 / 1200 Passport on either regular or express

2. Php 115 for NBI Clearance

3. Php 150-200 for Birth Certificate

For expenses when selected by an employer:

1. Php 3,000 - 9,000 for 2 phases of Medical Examinations

2. Php 3500 Working Visa Fee / Visa Picture

3. Php 100 Pre-departure Orientation Seminar

4. Php 1500 POEA processing / OWWA

5. Php 1,200 Philhealth contribution for 1 year

6. Php 100 Pagibig / HDMF contribution for 1 month

7. Php 500 for Notorial Authentication of documents

8. Php 37,000 Placement Fee based on your 1 month salary(basic salary)

9. Php 8,000 - 11,000 Airline ticket

Travel tax are free for OFW as mandated by the Philippine government. No OFW should pay for the travel tax.Processing fee depends on the agency and the airline ticket depends on what airlines.

Other company/employers are the one who pay for the processing fee, placement fee and the airline ticket.


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