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Taiwan Expands Restrictions On Use Of Plastic Bags

Taiwan expands its restriction on the use of free plastic bags in different shops for the reason to reduce waste and at the same time promote environmental conservation. This restriction is according to Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration or EPA.

The new rule applies to more than 80,000 shops in the country. Shops including pharmacies, electronics stores, book stores, stationery shops, laundries, beverage shops and bakeries

Violators of the new rule may incur a fine of up to NTD6,000 (10,500 in Philippine Peso). The new rule already starts since the first day of 2018.

In 2002 restrictions apply to about 20,000 outlets in the country covering supermarkets,chain stores, convenience stores. At least two billion plastic bags have been saved each year since then, and will save additional 1.2billion plastic bags annually. The new rule will likely to expand more to conserve the natural environment.


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