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What is a DFA Red Ribbon of Documents?

Having a red ribbon seal on your documents / papers will become unquestionable in any legal purpose you are up to. Bearing its marking of the Department of Foreign Affairs means that documents are valid and all proceessed properly and legaly.

Documents with the seal are valid all over the Philippines.

Purposes Of Documents Having DFA Red Ribbon Seal

1  For working or travelling abroad

2. Proving no derogatory and criminal records

3. Proving of being married or single

4. Establishing proper identity

5. Authenticity claim

6. Local employment

7. Education in different levels

8. Legal, personal, ownership or property claims

9. Acquiring assets and liabilities

10. Driving a car and getting a license

11. Professional license and trainings

12. Foreign documents authentication

13. Supporting document to an existing possible questionable document


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