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Remembering Ancestors Through Tomb Sweeping Day In Taiwan

The Tomb Sweeping Day also known as Qingming Festival which is considers as holiday in Taiwan. It is one of the most important event of the Chinese traditional holidays as it the time to worship their ancestors.

Tomb sweeping day is also one of the oldest festival being celebrated, as it started for about 2,500 years ago. QingMing is when families visits the graves or urns of their ancestors.

Graves located at memorial halls and others are located at the temples. Many outside grave sites have grown with wild grasses, family members will clean the site.

 Family members will light incense and joss sticks, burn ghost money and pray after cleaning, then they leave offerings of different food like fruits, flowers, tea, or rice wine.

 It is celebrated in different Chinese cultural areas like Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, also including Malaysia, Singapore as well as Vietnam. The holiday of Tomb Sweeping day falls on or around April 5th of the western calendar.

 The Tomb Sweeping Day resembles the All Saints Day and All Souls Day of the Catholics.


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