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What is Taiwan’s Youbike (U-Bike) and How To Rent It

Youbike is a large network of bicycle rental in Taiwan, many of them are located within walking distance of MRT stations and tourist destinations.
Youbike stations also can be found in any major cities of Taiwan. This project is part of Taiwan's conservation of nature to prevent pollution.
How to Rent YouBike?
1. Find a Youbike Station / Youbike Kiosk as they can found in any major city in the country.
2. Prepare a credit card for a single use of bikes or and Easycard. Easycard users must register the card and link with phone number at any Youbike kiosk.
3. Tap credit card or easycard on the screen kiosk and follow the steps written on it.
4. Select your Youbike and check the following:
-Tires must have sufficient air
-Brakes must be working properly
-Bell must be ringing
-Seat must be able to adjust
If something is wrong in any mentioned above, turn around the seat and let it hang so that Youbike workers will fix it.
5. Swipe your card on the sensor zone and you may now get and use Youbike. You may found a lot of Youbike parking stations in every city.
6. Return your bike by docking and pay your dues by tapping your credit card / easy card at the sensor zone.
How much does it cost?
The first 30 minutes will run you 5NT in Taipei, or free in New Taipei city.
After the first 30 minutes, rate will be 10NT (Php17) per half hour of use.
After four hours, it goes up to 20NT (Php35) per half hour, and after 8 hours, it will be 40NT (Php68) per half hour.

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