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8 Filipino Migrant Workers Rescued In A Mountain Range

Eight Filipino hikers (1male, 7 females) have been rescued from the mountain range around Tachung Taiwan. All 8 Filipino hikers are migrant workers from Hsinchu, Miaoli and Taichung which formed a group to hike in Guagan or the mountain range of 7 Heroes in Guagan near Taichung.

Trekking the Tangmadan trail which is a popular trekking site for hikers, got found thenselves in the dark and lost the trail. Around 8:40 in the evening the resue operation started according to Taichung Fire Department 

The hikers were stuck at 200 meters near the entrance and were found 1hour later. No injuries were reported, the rescuers provided food and water to the hikers and sent to police station in Guagan.

The fire department said that the group lacks in proper materials in hiking the mountain. They have no local guides, no maps and flashlights. Also reminded that be aware of the time when hiking.

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