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Incredible Piece Of Work at Miniatures Museum Of Taiwan

Miniatures Museum Of Taiwan is a collection of treasure from artisans that showcase different style and eye-catching designs. Every details of every design are incredible and you will be impressed the way this treasures were made. (Everything in the below images are miniatures)

Miniature collection on display includes Buckingham Palace, Classic Cars by Year, Rose Mansion, Jack & Beanstalk, Gulliver’s Travel, English Castle, Traditional Food Stall and Shops of Japan, Ting Ting’s Room, Gentleman’s heaver, some Miniature accessories, collection of dolls and toys and many more.

Highlights of the collection a functional small television, a lit chandelier with bulbs size of a grain of rice, a 1cm tall whiskey bottle, room boxes and accessories.

There is a small souvenir shop before the exit of the museum, canteen is also available. Entrance fee is NT200 (Php340) for adults.

How to get there?

From Taipei Main Station, ride MRT to Songjang Nanjing Station (Transfer Station for the green and orange line) and use Exit 4 or 5, turn right on the intersection and continue walking until the signage for Miniatures Museum of Taiwan.


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