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73 Cases Recorded For Smuggling Meat Products In Taiwan Airport In 11 Days

A total of 73 cases of attempted smuggling meat products have been recorded on a 11 day monitoring at Taiwan Airport according to Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine (BAPHIQ).

The statistics shows that the 73 cases came from the following countries:

1.      China – 43 cases

2.      Vietnam – 21 cases

3.      Philippines – 5 cases

4.      Thailand -2 cases

5.      South Korea – 2 cases

The meat products include cured meats, beef, sausages and hot dogs. Taiwan is issuing a fine up to NT$15,000 (Php26,200) against travelers (foreign tourist, local and migrant workers) that attempts to bring meat from countries affected by African swine fever and hoof-and-mouth disease.


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