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Migrant Workers In Taichung Accused Of Killing And Eating Dog Meat

On a night time raid by Taichung police, group of migrants are caught eating dog meats in a dormitory in Fongyuan District. They are a group of 17 Vietnamese (with both male and female in gender) working for water treatment plant.
Two of the Vietnamese were charged for breaching the animal protection act of killing and cooking the dog. Police received a call regarding the killing of a dog, together with officials they raid the dormitory. They also saw more dog meat stew on pot as the head wrap in a plastic in the trash area of the dormitory kitchen. Police managed to save three dogs from them.

Written on the Animal Protection Act of Taiwan, killing dogs or cats is punishable by law up to two years in prison with maximum fine of NT$2 million (Php3.5 million). Those eating dog or cat meat can be fined up to NT$250,000 (Php438,000).
Possibly, the accused Vietnamese will be terminated the work contract and could be blacklisted.
Several reports of the incident sparked anger from animal rights advocates and pet owners as they demand for severe punishments for the killing and eating of dogs or cats, whether by foreigners, migrants or locals.


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