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Five things To Remember About Life In Taiwan

Taiwan has become one of the favorable destinations of OFWs in Asia. With its strong economy of semiconductor, electronics and food manufacturing employers trust the Filipino skill to do the jobs. For Filipinos looking to work in Taiwan, below are some reminders

1. Ready to meet people from different cultures

There are about 700,000 foreign workers in Taiwan from domestic to factory jobs to professional jobs. Foreign workers also cam from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei and other western countries. Be ready to meet bunch of them

2. Taiwan has four seasons

Have your dress packed up properly for four different seasons in Taiwan. Yes, this small country of Taiwan has Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter (snow in some place). Be ready ready to adjust in all seasons.

3. Language barrier

Chinese / mandarin is their official language and even English barely come second. Not all of Taiwanese (and foreign workers) can speak English. Much better lo learn at least basic chinese and mandarin language.

4. Strict rules and regulations

Law of Taiwan are strictly implemented from as simple as pedestrian crossing. Police are not everywhere but there are lots of cameras specially in the cities. They practice this even with locals.

5. High-technology workplace

Taiwan has many companies specializing in memory chips / integrated circuits. Expect a high end workplace where artificial intelligence is booming. Taiwan also has a fast and reliable internet connection.



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