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A Pile of dead Pigs found under the bridge of Shoufeng in Taiwan?

How true that the African Swine fever is now in Taiwan? There are rumors and speculations but no confirmation yet whether there are farms that are already infected. But late Tuesday a concern Citizen from the Town of Shoufeng in the County of Hualien had reported to the authorities that they've seen a pile of dead pigs under the bridge of the said Town.

The Authorities now are investigating the case and undergoing testing for the African Swine Fever. The Police are now tracking the CCTV's and looking after the culprit.

Meanwhile, The Authorities have reprimanded the Poultry Farms to follow the code of conduct in disposing of dead animals.

Despite of the new unknown case(under investigation). The Authorities are asking the community to keep calm an be vigilant.

As of now, Taiwan has NO CASE of African Swine Fever as per the authorities.


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