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Taiwanese Tourists Ranked 6th Most To Visit The Philippines

Accounting for a total of 5.36 million visitors and tourist in the Philippines for this year of 2018, Taiwanese tourist ranked 6th and about 3.46% of the total visitors according to the Department of Tourism (DOT). 

Taiwan ranked 6th largest source of tourist amassing 185,200+; visitors behind South Korea (1.18million+ visitors), China (972,550+) and United States (774,600+), although the biggest growth of tourists came from China.

As a tropical island with its beautiful shores, beaches, the Philippines still looking for an estimate of 7.4million at the end of the year. Philippine tourism contributes to the growth of its economy.

The recently opening of the cleaned and renovated with strict rules and regulation of the island of Boracay will surely add to the growth of tourist and as per the Philippine tourism, Baguio City comes next.


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