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Hiring: Factory Workers For MFC Sealing Technology In Taiwan

MFC Sealing Technology Co Ltd

MFC Sealing Technology is a leading manufacturer of oil seals, o-rings, and precision customized rubber molded parts and complete range of sealing products. Maintaining excellent quality and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. MFC has been constantly upgrading its manufacturing capability with state of the art equipments.

New Taipei,Taiwan

Male, 21yrs old and above
At least high school graduate
160cm above in height
75kg and below in weight
With relative 1yr working experience in rubber factories, plants or machineries

Grand Placement & General Services Corporation.
Address: 2A, 1636 Agoncillo St, Malate, Metro Manila, Philippines

PH NAIA Customs Siezed High End Guns And Ammunation Bound To Taiwan

(Image from NAIA Customs)

Philippine authorities of NAIA-customs siezed eight pistols, 20 magazines and 266 rounds of ammunition inside a shipment bound to Taiwan, the arms costs US$9,728 (around Php500,000), according to several published reports.

The parcels were confiscated and dicovered at the warehouse of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) by customs after checking, the parcels shipments were declared as solar panels and tool carts. 

The guns were wrapped in lead sheets to co fuse x-ray scanners to distort the result of x-ray machines. 

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Manila is coordinating with Philippine authorities regarding the issue while the sender and reciever have been indetified based on shioment information as further investigation is being comducted.


Thousands of eggs with Fipronil toxic, no recall in Taiwan?

Changhua County (Feb. 16, 2019)- The country might be in trouble after 27,000 kilograms of eggs had been tested with a fipronil toxic from insecticide. According to the data, a total of 27,636 kg of eggs were sold before Chinese new year in several breakfast stores and other retail stores in Taipei, New Taipei and other places in Northern part of Taiwan.

The FDA notified the Council of Agriculture only last night Friday. The delay in giving the information is due to the long holiday. The test result of the eggs exceeded the maximum limit of 0.01ppm. Which is harmful for human consumption which may cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness, and epileptic seizures. and if being exposed for a long time this will result in damage to kidney, liver and thyroid gland.

What is Fipronil?
Fipronil is a broad-spectrum insecticide that belongs to the phenylpyrazole chemical family. Fipronil disrupts the insect central nervous system by blocking GABA-gated chloride channels and glutamate-gated chloride (GluCl) channels.

The origin of the eggs was from Changua's Shun Hung Poultry Farm in Changhua County, Taiwan. A dozen of eggs are now on hold in their farm and will undergo a series of test.


Taiwan Labor Department Apologizes For Putting Philippine Flag Upside Down

Ministry of Labor of Taiwan apologizes for putting the Philippines Flag upside down on a light box advertisment in Taoyuan International Airport. The flag was placed where the red color is on top instead of the blue, which means that red on top is that Philippines is at state of war.

A Philippine compatriot noticed the adverstisment and sent notice to MOL regarding the ad.

In the post of Philippine compatriot:
''Dear Ministry of Labor, I saw a poster in the Taoyuan Customs area which had the Philippine flag placed erroneously! The Philippine flag has blue on top, and only in times of war is red place on top! I don't know how to explain it to this unit..."

The MOL have issued its sincerest apology to the Philippines and already removed the advertisment and subject to change.

Google To Provide Fast And Free Internet In The Philippines

Google Philippines to provide free internet that will be called Google Station, partnered with PLDT and Smart Communications.

There will be around 50 hotspot locations that Google Station will stand and mostly on oublic places like bus stations, MRT station, airports acroos the whole country. Google stations will likely more be available in Manila.

The free internet session from Google is 30minutes, when it finished Google will ask again sign in for another round of 30minute free internet.

Google Stations already rolled out in countries of India, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria and others.


Taiwan Jobs: Factory Workers for Zong Lein Co., Ltd

Position: Factory Workers
Location: Tainan, Taiwan

Company: Zong Lein Co., Ltd

20yrs old and above
At least College level
with or without experience
170cm and above
65kg and below
able to understand English

Original passport at least 2yrs validity
UMID (new sss id)
2pcs 2x2 pictures colored white background
PSA Birth certificate with receipt
Certificate of Employment
Peos Certificate, E-registration
SSS Contribution and Employment history

For your application please visit:
Agency: Japan Maruko International Corporation
Location: 14th floor De Leon Ctr Bldg. 1151 M.H Del Pilar St.
         corner Nuestra Senora De Guia Ermita Manila

For more info may contact Ms. Lolit 
or may call and text 09178081060 / 09985947863


Taiwan Hiring: Soldering Iron Operator

Position: Soldering Iron Operator
Location: Taoyuan, Taiwan

Candidates must have at least High School Diploma
Minimum of 1yr experience
160cm of height proportion with the body
Preferably soldering iron operation
Ex-Taiwan is accepted but must not more than 6 years in Taiwan

must have 3yrs valid Passport
SSS Umid,
School diploma
Birth certificate (No late registered)

For your applications please visit:
Agency: City Employment Center Inc.
Address: Unit 702 7th floor, 1011 Gen. Malvar st., corner
          San Marcelino Malate, Manila


Hiring: Factory Workers For Taiwan Fu Hsing Industrial

FuHsing Industrial Co. Ltd

Company Overview:
Taiwan Fu Hsing has always practiced a business philosophy that places equal emphasis on environmental protection and manufacturing. In addition to focusing on industrial development, Taiwan Fuhsing continues to utilize its technological advantages in die casting, forging, surface processing, stamping, and cutting to diversify its business.

Hsin Kung 1st Road, Peitou, Changhua County, Taiwan

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Products:
Commercial Door Locks、Residential Door Locks、Door Lock Parts、Door Closer related products、Electronic Door Locks、Transom closer、Floor Spring、Exit Device、Tooling

-Male, 20-30 yrs old
-Vocational graduate / at least 2 yrs in college major in any mechanical or electrical courses
-168 cm above height
-65 to 85 kg in weight
-Experience in mechanical works
-Accept first timer and ex Taiwan
-Not colorblind / Not left handed / No tattoo

Melakom Global Services Incorporated

Manila Branch: 1662 Leon Guinto St, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines

Cebu Branch:
LDM Bldg, Legaspi St. Cor. M.J. Cuenco Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Drone Operators In Taiwan Must Now Be Certified By The Aeronautics Agency

Effective by July 2019, all drone operators in Taiwan needs to obtain a certification for operation of any kinds of drone. An operator must pass an exam and must be registered with the Civil Aeronautics Administration for new drone regulations.

This act was already passed last year and will wait until July 2019 to apply. Under the new regulations, any unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) weighing 250 grams and above must be mandatory registered and operators must be certified.

This is for government authorities to identify any owner in any case of accident or incident. Registration codes will be marked to any UAV, without the codes authority in charge may shutdown the drone and owner will be penalized.

Although media outlets and schools may be exempted from this act which is still subjected for approval. Registered aircrafts must only flown during daylight and 400 above ground level.

A body of Pinay OFW in Taiwan found hanging?

A body of a Pinay OFW in Taiwan was found hanging on the tree at the back where she was living. According to her friend the last time they talked with her friend, it said that she is homesick.

The Pinay OFW was identified as a Factory Worker of Multi-Tek Fasteners and Mfg in Tainan, Taiwan.
  A close friend of her do not believe that she hang herself
and there could be foul play because of the height from the ground where the corpse found and the physical appearance of the her friend seems not a suicide.
Photo Courtesy from her friend 

The case still under investigation.

Rest in Peace Kabayan and condolence to your family and friends. 


Smartphone Use Have Been Standard For Emerging Nations

Smartphone has been vital in everyday life of every individual as this device is now the standard and norm for any emerging countries or nation. 

As per Pew Research Center report, majorities of adults using smartphone are in the world’s wealthy counties led 95% South Korea and 88% in Israel.

Emerging economies with smartphone adaptation include 85% in Brazil, 71% in the Philippines, 60% from South Africa, 24% in India ranked the lowest.

“Younger people in every country surveyed are much more likely to have smartphones, access the Internet and use social media. In all of the advanced economies surveyed, large majorities under the age of 35 own a smartphone.'

'In contrast, smartphone ownership among advanced economies’ older populations varies widely, ranging from just about a quarter of Russians 50 and older to about nine-in-10 older South Koreans,” according to researchers.

The research survey is based on 30,133 people in 27 countries. China and Taiwan are not included in the survey.

Hiring: Machine Operators For Lingsen Precision In Taiwan


Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and Dahsen Electronic Industries, Ltd. founded LINGSEN PRECISION INDUSTRIES, LTD. (LPI) in 1970 as a joint venture in Taipei, Taiwan. In 1973, LPI moved to the Taichung Export Processing Zone (TEPZ) and was reorganized as an entirely owned and independent assembly house. After many years of hard work, LPI has become a model company in Taiwan's semiconductor industry.

Position: Factory Worker
Location:  Taichung, Taiwan

20 yrs old and above
153 cm and above
No tattoo
No left-handed
No sweat hands
Education: College Level (Undergraduate)
Minimum of 2 yrs experience in this field of work
EX-TAIWAN are welcome

How to apply?
Visit and apply personally Everlast International Placements Inc agency at Rizal Tower, 4474 Singian, Makati Avenue, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel: 8993923/ 8993911

Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers For King Slide Technology

Company: King Slide Technology Co Ltd

Throughout the past 30 years, King Slide has always strived to understand the market needs and exceed customer's expectation by offering the most ergonomic, safe and convenient design to enhance the quality of one's life. Each customer's satisfaction gives us motivation for continuously improvement and innovation. Our objective is to be the leading and favorable brand in every consumer's mind.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Male, 20-35yrs old
At least 2yrs vocational graduate
160cm and above in height
Weight proportional to height
Experience in furniture factory is an advantage
With ready passport, UMID and Birth Certificate

Melakom Global Services Incorporated

Manila Branch: 1662 Leon Guinto St, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines

Cebu Branch:
 LDM Bldg, Legaspi St. Cor. M.J. Cuenco Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Weak Market Makes EEPV Corporation To Layoff Numbers Of OFW

EEPV Corporation have layoff some its migrants workers namely the female Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). According to a post from a employee of the company, they have been on layoff and they must decide if they will stay or will go home.

The company is currently facing pricing pressure of demands and oversupply. EEPV Corporation products include Solar Cells, Flexible Module, Cell Laminates, the company was established just last February 2014 in Taoyuan, Taiwan

The OFW's sentiments that their broker is not helping them to seek for other jobs since the layoff takes off in an indefinite time making the OFW's pay everything with no salary while on layoff.

Since solar cells and solar panels have faced pricing pressure and oversupply, production on manufacturing sites go low. Inventec, another solar panel maker have the allegations that they also layoff their employees but the company denies it.

African Swine Fever Found On Pork Jerky

Siezed by Taiwan customs, two Chinese pork jerky products have tested positive for African Swine Fever (ASF) according to the Council of Agriculture of Taiwan. The products were collected from the amnesty bins of Taipei International Airport or the Songshan Airport.

The products came from Jiangsu Province in China and according to data of Taiwan, there were a total of 20 confiscated pork products which were ASF positive.

Any foreign visitor that illegally bring in meat products are subjected for penalty, another Chinese visitors were denied entry to Taiwan as they fail to pay the penalty fine of NT$200,000.

ASF may affect heavily the economic growth of one country on its agriculture department that is why Taiwan is very strict in checking this king of items specially to those tourists or visitors coming from countries with ASF outbreaks.

Taiwan Hiring: Autocadd Operators For APCB Inc

Company: APCB Incorporated

APCB INC. was established in August, 1981. It is a multi-layer PCB factory which is located in Taipei, Taiwan. The major PCB items are mostly produced for consumer electronic product application. With whole APCB team’s hard working efforts in many years, it successfully expands its capacity and improves quality no matter in developing new process technologies or investing in advanced production equipments. 

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Male, 21yrs old and above
Vocational graduate or College graduate
163cm above i height
Knowledgeable in 2D and 3D Autocadd
With at least 1yr related working experience

Melakom Global Services Incorporated

Manila Branch: 1662 Leon Guinto St, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines

Cebu Branch:
LDM Bldg, Legaspi St. Cor. M.J. Cuenco Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Hiring: Male and Female Operators For Cameo Communications In Taiwan

Cameo Communications, Inc.

Cameo Communications, Inc. custom manufactures and assembles computer network communication equipments and communication products specializing in Layer 2 Management Ethernet Switch, Wireless Client Adapter, Wireless LAN AP/Router, SOHO Router, Ethernet Switches, Media Converter, USB to Ethernet Converter, Web-Smart Switches and Ethernet NIC, Network card, Network hub, Network Router, Network residential gateway.

Taipei, Taiwan

Male & Female
21 yrs old and above
College level
153cm and up height for female
160cm and up height for male
With related working experience
No colorblind
Accepts first timer and Ex-Taiwan

Everbest Overseas Employment Agency Incorporated
Address:  405-406, Paragon Tower, 531 Antonio Flores St, Ermita, Manila
Tel: 5363122/ 9781678

Taiwan Hiring: Engineers For Acbel Ploytech Inc

Company Name: Acbel Polytech Inc.

AcBel Polytech Inc. has recognized innovation,  harmony and transcendence as our business philosophy, and we always put customer satisfaction as the first priority. AcBel has become one of the leading developers, manufactures and sellers of power management solutions in the world and our solutions are applied to the products of a number of industry leaders.
Danjing Rd., Sec 3 Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Power supplies ranging from 3W up to 10,000W per power module, LED Lighting, Power Line Communication, AC to DC Converter, AC/DC Adapters

-Male, 21 years old and above
-Engineering Graduate major in Electronics and Communication or any related in Electronics
-At least 1year working experience in engineering works
-For first timers only

How to apply?
Visit and apply personally at Luzern International Manpower Services at Unit 3 Benitez Townhomes, Benitez St., Malate, Manila. Bring necessary documents like passport, UMID, Diploma and Transcript of Records.


Applying for an online appointment for OFW INFORMATION RECORD?

Are you Ex-Abroad and planning to work again abroad? One of the requirements in working again in abroad is the OFW RECORDS.

Today, the Government has upgraded its system unlike before you have to go to the POEA Office early morning and line up in long lines. Now,  no more long lines, no more long time of waiting because of ONLINE  APPOINTMENT SYSTEM which has been launched by the POEA.

How to apply an appointment online?
Just click the link and you will be redirected to the main page and fill up the form online.


Taiwan online job: Quality Engineer for DELL

Position: Quality Engineer
Taipei, Taiwan
Quality Engineer 2 (Business Analysis)
Company: DELL

The Quality Engineer (Business Analyst) is responsible for the accurate and timely delivery of analyses of data backed results to the business based on specific business requirements and Dell-internal data feeds.  These results vary from intricately scripted scorecards and reports that once created, become turn-key for the end users to highly detailed and complicated analytics, accompanied by opinions and points of view, that the Client Solutions team will use to guide competitive business and quality-related decisions for Dell’s global customers.   A thorough understanding of Dell’s internal data sources and various analytical tools such as SAS, SQL, and advanced Excel are required.  Strong working knowledge of statistical methods is a must.  This position will require work-time flexibility as engagement with teams within multiple global regions will be required.

Strong analytical skills, ability to provide data-backed analyses; hands-on experience with analytical/ technical tools
Ability to project manage cross-functionally
Strong business acumen, ability to assess the impact on business performance and suggest mitigating actions
Excellent articulation/communication (written and verbal)
Effective handling of ambiguous situations
High adaptability to changing requirements/customers dynamics/work demands
Proven record of dealing with large sets of data
Knowledge of SQL/SAS/Other tools or strong ability to conceptualize and develop tools with data analysts
Web application development experience (HTML, ASP, .Net, VB, C#, etc)
Microsoft SQL Server querying and reporting
Microsoft SQL Server database development
SAS Analytics Experience (Enterprise Guide, SAS programming, Enterprise Miner, Text Miner)
Ability to translate analytic results into consultative recommendations to the business
Understanding of statistical concepts and analysis methods (confidence intervals, control charts, comparative analysis)

Min 2-3 Years’ experience with Engineering Degree
Worked as a business analyst in Analytics/ Business Intelligence/ Consulting
Experience having accountability for business delivery to multiple stakeholders a must
Project management skills – Ability to prioritize multiple objectives and demonstrated flexibility during the course of the engagement
Experience of working in large cross-functional teams

Engineering degree from a Premier Institute with a Masters or MBA will be an added advantage.  Engineers with relevant or higher experience can be considered
Green/Black belt certification will be an added advantage



Taiwan Online Hiring: ESL Teachers needed across Taiwan. NO experience required!

Position: ESL Teachers needed across Taiwan. 
NO experience required!
Location: Taiwan

English Language Schools
m2r Education is working with the largest private language school group in Taiwan, they have a need for native English speakers (NES) to join them on an initial 1-year contract. NO experience or TEFL / CELTA is required, just a Bachelor’s degree and willingness to teach preschool to 14-year-olds.

You will also receive a recognized TEFL qualification during your training.

You will be guaranteed a minimum of 20 hours per week and if you wish to make more money, you can teach more hours. (Most teachers will do around 24 hours but you can do up to 30 hours if you wish!).

Class sizes are between 16 - 24 and you will not have to move around, the location and school will all be confirmed upon arrival, however, you will be asked to provide your top 3 locations during the application process.

Teaching couples/groups of friends are welcome to apply, you will all teach in the same city/town (not in the same school though) so you can live together.

If you are traveling alone, you will meet up to 60 brand new teachers on day one, so you will have every opportunity to make new friends and arrange accommodation if needed. Your new manager will also help you to find somewhere that meets your needs and budget.

Taiwan is a very cheap country and you will be able to save if you wish.

580 NT per hour
Guaranteed 20 hours of teaching per week
Interest-free loan of $1,000 upon arrival, if needed (paid back within 9 months of joining)
14 days’ unpaid leave
1-month end of contract leave if the teacher signs for another year
Yearly raises of up to 40NT per hour (to a maximum of 750 NT)
1 year, renewable contract
If you are looking for a new adventure or are just starting your ESL career, contact us now!



Taiwan Online Hiring: IT SOFTWARE ENGINEER for Micron Technology

Location: Taoyuan, Taiwan
Company: Micron
Micron Technology, Inc. is an American global corporation based in Boise, Idaho. The company is a holding company for subsidiaries engaged in the design and production of computers, semiconductors, and other related products.

Job Description
As an IT Software Engineer at Micron, you will configure, develop, maintain and support Micron and third-party applications. You will create and analyze software specifications, and research, design, document, modify and support software throughout the development life cycle. You must demonstrate the functional and technical skills necessary to switch between development technologies and merge them to provide the best solution. You must have a demonstrated ability to create quality software and participate in quality improvement efforts. You will provide solutions that create business value while at the same time minimizing negative impact through defects, downtime, or performance degradation.       

Responsibilities and Tasks

Analyze business needs to understand the problem.
•  Meet with customers.
•  Collaborate with others (Business Process Analysts, Project Managers) to identify, clarify, and capture customer requirements.
•  Document As Is and To Be process flows.

Analyze the software solution options.
•  Evaluate the available software options.
•  Consult with the IT enterprise architects to understand the IT roadmap.
•  Lead or participate in a cost analysis.
•  Lead or participate in a decision analysis.
•  Collaborate with the project manager to determine the time, resource constraints, etc.
•  Review options with the customer to help determine the best solution.

Follow the software development lifecycle to deliver solutions.
•  Design a solution based on customer requirements.
•  Implement a software solution.
•  Complete unit testing.
•  Participate with end users in integration and user acceptance testing.
•  Create documentation (technical specifications, test plans, deployment plans, etc.).

Implement 3rd party solutions.
•  Partner with the IT Procurement representative to determine contracts, support requirements, training provided, etc.
•  Participate in vendor selection.
•  Work with the vendor to understand the product.
•  Attend vendor training and prototyping sessions.
•  Determine how to integrate the solution into the existing business environment.
•  Participate in software audits.
•  Participate in service packs and software upgrades.
•  Work with project teams and stakeholders to ensure a successful implementation that meets customer expectations.

Provide 24x7 escalation support for software issues.
•  Act as the subject matter expert (SME) and final point of contact.
•  Respond to customer or developer requests for assistance.
•  Troubleshoot issues independently and with other teams.
•  Identify and document defects and enhancements.
•  Assist with the onboarding of support team members through training and mentoring.

Work to maintain skills and improve the IS roadmap.
•  Attend conferences and seminars.
•  Attend training and implement the information learned.
•  Research best practices, current trends, and techniques.
•  Make recommendations to the enterprise architect for changes to the IT roadmap.
•  Implement technology interactions based on company and industry best practices

What we are looking for:
1.Bachelor degree(or above) major in Information Engineering or related fields.
2.Interested in MFG system development, maintenance, and performance improvement.
3. Familiar with C、C++、C#、Database、PERL, Unix is preferable.
4. Experience in System developing of Semiconductor FAB will be precedentially considered.
5.Good English Language Skill.
6. The ability to work in several areas of software development as part of a team or independently
7. Strong analytical, problem solving, and organizational skills
8. The ability to manage multiple projects and tasks concurrently
9.  Active team participation and demonstrated teamwork and consensus building skills



Taiwan Online Hiring: Probe Equipment Shift Engineer for Micron Technology

Position: Probe Equipment Shift Engineer
Location: Taichung, Taiwan

Company: Micron
Micron Technology, Inc. is an American global corporation based in Boise, Idaho. The company is a holding company for subsidiaries engaged in the design and production of computers, semiconductors, and other related products.

Job Description:
As a probe Equipment Engineer at Micron Technology, you will be responsible for overseeing the installation, modification, upgrade and maintenance of probe equipment. Study equipment performance and reliability, and establish plan and solutions for equipment problems that affect the manufacturing process. Provide technical support to the manufacturing equipment repair. Define and record equipment maintenance schedules.

Responsibilities and Tasks:
1. Perform scheduled preventive maintenance and calibration of automatic Probe equipment.
2. Check and ensure equipment performance consistent to test specifications.
3.Troubleshoot and management, improvement and cost reduction for machine parts
4. Support tool installation and startup, and other special technical tasks.
5. New machine evaluation and import.

We recruit, hire, train, promote, discipline and provide other conditions of employment without regard to a person's race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, pregnancy, veteran’s status, or other classifications protected under law.  This includes providing reasonable accommodation for team members' disabilities or religious beliefs and practices.

Each manager, supervisor and team member is responsible for carrying out this policy. The EEO Administrator in Human Resources is responsible for the administration of this policy. The administrator will monitor compliance and is available to answer any questions on EEO matters.

To request assistance with the application process, please contact Micron’s Human Resources Department at 1-800-336-8918 (or 208-368-4748).



Study in Taiwan for FREE with various courses

Are you planning to study in Taiwan? did you know that they have free scholarships with various courses?

Taiwan Scholarship lists ff:

1. Ministry of Education (MOE)
Offered degree: 
Bachelor’s -4 YearsMaster’s – 2 Years
Ph.D.- 4 Years

What are the inclusions?
Tuition fee:40, 000 NTD will be waived; remaining costs will be shouldered by the scholarMonthly Stipend:15,000NTD for Bachelor’s
20,000 NTD for Master’s & Doctoral

Application date: February 1 – April 30, 2019
for more information may visit http://edu.law.moe.gov.tw/EngLawContent.aspx?Type=E&id=250

2. International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF)
Offered degree:
Based from the degree/course program

What are the inclusions?
Full financial support for tuition fee, accommodation, living expenses, economy class airfare ticket, textbook costs.Monthly Stipend:
12,000NTD for Bachelor’s
15,000NTD for Master’s
17,000NTD for Ph.D.

Application date: January1-March 16, 2019
for more information please visit  http://www.icdf.org.tw/ct.asp?xItem=12505&CtNode=30316&mp=2

3. Huayu Enrichment Scholarship
Offered degree:
Applicant/s will choose to pursue either 2 months, or 3 months intensive Mandarin course.

What are the inclusions:
Monthly Stipend:25, 000 NTD

Application date: February 1 – March 31, 2019

For more information please visit http://edu.law.moe.gov.tw/EngLawContent.aspx?Type=E&id=70

So what are you waiting for, catch your dreams in Taiwan and study for FREE.


Chinese National had been arrested for throwing a cup of "taho" to a police officer

Courtesy of Buhay Lispu

A Chinese National had arrested for throwing soy pudding (taho) to the on-duty police officer in MRT-3 Boni Station. The woman got tantrum when the police officer stopped her in entering the station because she was carrying a cup of "taho" which is prohibited in all MRT and LRT stations.

The Chinese National namely Ms. Jialz Zhang Nepomuceno, 42 years old was arrested and charged for direct assault for unethical behavior to PO1 William Cristobal. She underwent mugshots like any other suspects. And the DOT is planning to ban her in riding in all train.


A "Memorial Plan holder" seeks help after his unused plan claimed by somebody

Are you one of plan holder of St. Peter? the insurance company has a variety of life plans. How do you often check the status of your insurance? Recently there was an issue about the insurance of Mr. Delfin Delos Reyes about the status of his life plan and insurance because upon checking and verifying his account he found out that somebody had already claimed.

The family of the complainant seeks help to address the issue. Somebody had helped them. The money has been returned and his status has already re-activated.

How did these things happen? Well, St. Peter had already apologized for their lapses and assures to their plan holders that this just an isolated case.


OWWA To Manage Unclaimed Terminal Fees and Tax By OFW

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) to manage the unclaimed terminal fee by the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) as a proposal by the labor secretary. There were several funds that OFW miss to claim that came from terminal fee and travel tax.

Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) are to remit the unrefunded funds. OFW may claim their terminal fee and travel tax at the ground floor of the MIAA administrations building by presenting the ticket and passport identifications or some airlines will give the funds when checking in.
The Philippines Republic Act 8042 also known as the Migrant Workers Act exempts all OFW from paying travel tax and terminal fees at the airport. On February 2015, these exemption were included when a plane ticket I brought, that is where the refund system took place.
According to MIAA, there were Php500 Million of funds that have not refunded and this funds will be used for the maintenance of the airport. OFW still can claim the funds as they are still recorded.


Alleged 200 Force Resignation From Apple Supplier Career Technology In Taiwan Under Investigation

Apple supplier Career Technology Inc are allegedly forced 200 full time employees to sign resignation papers just before the holiday started. With this actions, Taoyuan labor department will make reports and investigation regarding the allegation to the said company.

Career Technology Inc supplies Apple with flexible printed circuit boards for its iPhone peripheral parts. Reports have not stated if it forced voluntary resignations to local or to its migrant workers. The company already laid off 59 workers in the previous month.

With now a total of more than 200 forced resigned employees and 59 laid off employees in its factory in Gunayin, Taoyunan and is now shutdown for about two weeks. About 500 temporary contract workers have been laid off in the previous year.

This is due to the weak sales of iPhones in the end of the year and there is a rumor that it may sell its factory to its rival company.

Pilots Of China Airlines Strikes, Several Flights Canceled In Taiwan

One of the major carriers of Taiwan, China Airline have canceled several flights arriving and departing from Taiwan. This was announced by the airlines as their Pilots strikes and all airports of Taiwan are affected on the busiest day in Taiwan Lunar New year.

Flights were canceled up to Sunday with destinations include Los Angeles, Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila and other countries. Tourist and workers going on vacations were heavily affected by the incident.

This is the second time that employees of China Airlines strikes following the 2016 strike of their flight attendants. Although it now still unclear until when the strike will be.

According to the pilots of the airline, they complained about long work hours on long distance flights. They also criticize the management of the airlines and refuse to make improvements for them.

POEA Warns Use Of Fake Medical Certificates

In a advisory released by Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), the agency warns all overseas workers and applicants against the use of fake medical certificates.

There are several reports that there were applicants using fake medical certificates in exchange of money.

Numerous reports concerning individuals have been around especially those who are applying in middle east as uploading a fake medical certificate.

Criminal liability for any applicants and recruitment agency that found using fake documents are subjected for administrative actions under POEA Rules and Regulations Governing the Recruitment and Employment of Land Based Filipino Workers.

POEA advised applicants not to use fake medical certificates as this can also endanger the situation when the applicant is subject for a medical abroad, any wrongfully activities done may report to the Anti-illegal Recruitment branch of POEA offices.

E-Bike Drunk Driving Migrant Workers Arrested In Kaohsiung

Three Vietnamese migrant workers in Kaohsiung were interrupted by patrol officers of Hunei Precinct in Kaohsiung City being two of them are arrested due to drunk driving and the other one is only a passenger.

Two of them riding separate electric motorcycles were driving drunk and the other one is only a passenger. The two drivers are arrested due to violation of traffic rules by riding in parallel in the outermost lane.

When they were ordered to stop, officers smell alcohol coming from them as they use breathalyzer test for verification. The result exceed the limit of 0.25mg per Liter and both were arrested for offense against public safety.

High penalty of fine or a termination of contract and deportation can be given to any migrant workers in Taiwan that break any law of traffic and safety.

Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers for Food company

Zhengdian Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1981. It was mainly engaged in the distribution of live poultry, the supply of chickens, feed and feeding equipment, and then the sale of live poultry and frozen chicken cuts. Until 1995, In response to changes in the market, it has gradually transformed into a professional meat processing factory. Our factory is located in Taiping District, Taichung City, with a total area of ​​2,000 pings. In order to meet market demand, the factory also undergoes substantial reconstruction in 2015. Renovation, becoming an advanced factory that is more in line with international standards. At the same time, the factory has introduced the latest assembly line production equipment from the United States, Japan, and Germany, and combined with Taiwan's accumulated experience in food processing and meat processing for nearly 30 years, research and development conforms to the nationals. Innovative taste [food] products, to provide domestic chain Western restaurant, breakfast shop, coffee shop, hotel, Chinese and Western fast food, convenience store, bakery, supermarket, group meal, farmer's market demand for quality ingredients.



✅ 20- 30 YEARS OLD
✅ HEIGHT: 165 CM ABOVE ⬆️⬆️⬆️

❎ 20/20 EYE VISION



0917-119-1925 / 0908-862-8364
(02) 536-39-50

Please bring the following documents:
Passport, UMID, DIPLOMA, TOR, F137,NBI, PSA - Birthcertificate, SSS ID, VOTERS ID, TIN ID and Certificate of employment.

Taiwan Hiring: Female Factory Workers for Maxchip Electronics Corporation

Company: Maxchip Electronics Corporation

Company Overview:
Maxchip is a dedicated foundry service provider with 8-inch fab which was spun off from Powerchip factory since April 2008. The development and application of Display Driver, eNVM, Power, Discrete and Logic, and the import and export business related to the business of the Company. Equipment components maintenance, development and manufacturing and sales and other related business. 

Position: Female Factory Workers
Li-Hsin Rd. 1, Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Liquid crystal display drivers, power ICs, non-volatile memory products, and CMOS image sensors; large panel display, small panel display, and gate driver E-display drivers; and logic and DRAM technology development 

-Female, 20 yrs old and above
-Vocational graduate, 2yrs or 4yrs in College
-155cm above in height
-65kg below in weight
-No tattoo
-Not colorblind
-With or without work experience

How to apply?
Visit Juan Smart Manpower Inc at Mabini Street, corner Sta. Monica St, malate, Kalakhang Maynila, Philippines


MECO Connects More Philippine Universities and Organizations To Taiwan

There were a total of nine Philippine universities and academic organizations that the Manila Economic & Cultural Office (MECO) have assists in reaching their Taiwanese counterparts. The number of MECO have helped for their partnership have increased compared to the previous year

The nine universities and organizations were:

1. Isabela State University

2. University of Santo Tomas

3. Asian Institute of Management

4. St. Scholastica’s College – Manila

5. Miriam College

6. University of the Philippines – Visayas

7. Central Bicol State University

8. Association of Schools of Public Administration in the Philippines (ASPAP)

9.  Association of Catholic Universities in the Philippines (ACUP)

Inter-Departmental partnership and benchmarking are the main purpose of the visit of the Philippine universities and organizations to Taiwan according to MECO. ASPAP have signed a memorandum of agreement of research partnership and ACUP established contact with Catholic universities in Taiwan.

Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers for Win Win Electronics Co. Ltd

Vacancies 50

Gender: Female
Age: 20 years old and above
Education: any
Experience: with or without experience
Principal/Project: WIN WIN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.

Salary: NT23,100 (Php40,+++) +




POEA License No: POEA-028-LB-021215-R

14th Floor De Leon Center Building 1151 M.H Del Pilar St. Corner Nuestra Senora De Guia Ermita Manila

Tel No.:
5168701 / 5168750

For more info.Pls call us: Look for Ms. Lolit Company mobile No. 09178081060/09985947863

One Company In China Forces Its Employees To Crawl Due To Low Output

One company located in China forces its employees and workers to crawl in all four in the heat of sun on the public roads. This act of the company is due tits workers did not meet their target or out for the year end.

People around are shocked on the scene they saw as those employees are crawling in public roads, the employees came from a company that sells beauty products.

Concern citizens called police that intervene to the company for doing such punishment to its employees. Local authorities have command to temporarily shut down the company.

This is not the first time that a company forced its employees to a punishment, last year a reported Chinese company also saw someone slapping its employees for poor performance. Others are demanding to permanently shut down these kinds of companies.

Hiring: Male and Female Production Workers For Young Optics Inc In Taiwan

Company: Young Optics, Inc.

Company Overview:
Young Optics as a competitive integrated design manufacturer of optics, is endeavoring to a further variety of optical modules and components by enhancing profession in optical design, precise mechanical design, electronic design, software design, and optical components manufacturing , including glass lens, molding glass, ASP Injection, precise optical coating (AR/IR/UVIR), upper precise grind/polishing , precise burnish, precise machinery, precise measurement and assembly .

Location:  No.7, Hsin-Ann Rd., Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan 30076, R.O.C.

Male and Female
20 -29yrs old
2 years Vocational Graduate/ College Level
With or without experience
Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
Ex-Taiwan is welcome but must not be over 6 yrs in Taiwan prior to application

For Height:
Male must be 164cm and above
Female must be 154cm and above

Sky Bourne International, Inc.
Address:  1679 Dian St, Makati, 1234 Metro Manila, Philippines