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A must read Important policies of newly Re-hired Employees in Taiwan


    This article would like to clarify the issue of RE-HIRED. A lot of complain we receive each day and asking the exact rules on these. A lot of migrants workers are still deceived by the crocodile brokers.

Please take a time to read the following policies below.

The Ministry of Labor in Taiwan had issued new policies under the newly amended law for the foreign workers which had been effective since November 5, 2015.

Here are the initial policies for the amended law.

1.  If the worker's contract is expiring on Nov. 6 onwards, he/she is eligible in this newly amended law. The broker or employer should immediately pass the documents especially the ARC to the Ministry of Labor for renewal.

2. If the employer has not rehired you or re-employed, you have the right to find a new employer or accept a referral from other company before your contract in Taiwan expired. The process is just the same on the above mention. The new employer will be in charge of renewing all the documents.

In the new amendments, NO MORE BROKERS FEE but a monthly NT$1500 will be deducted from the salary for a SERVICE FEE.  Then medical fee NT$2000, and NT$1000 for yearly renewal of ARC.

3. If any problem regarding the newly amended law, the foreign worker is free to call the hotline 1955. If the broker or employer is requiring you to pay NT$10,000 to NT$30,000 for the so-called processing fee or any, do not hesitate to call the hotline 1955.
The penalties of the above mention are still on deliberation.

4. If any caretakers or caregiver who wish to work in the manufacturing company should have the background before applying. The maximum limit of stay for caretakers and caregivers is 14 years, while factory workers are 12 years only.

5. Before going for a vacation, everything must be settled. All needed documents to be renewed must be submitted and confirmed for renewal.


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