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Avian Influenza Infection Found On Chickens In Hsinchu

There are 100 dead chicken have been dumped near a stream in Xinfeng Township, Hsinchu as the Animal Disease Control Center have test the chickens. Following the result from the agency, the chickens were positive of avian flu infection.

The dead chicken are infected with H5 strain of avian flu, which is a threat on health of everyone that cause global concerns, according to an official of the anima disease control center. The agency already inspected the farms located near where the dumped dead chickens were found.

There are two poultry farms this year that have been affected by avian flu that cause to dump some 11,000 birds that needs to be discarded according to the bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine (BAPHIQ) of Taiwan.

Anyone found guilty abandoning animals elsewhere or fail to report such actions are subjected to a fine of NT1 Million (Php1.7 Million).

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