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Costco Taiwan Apologizes For Selling Expired Frozen Spicy Hotpot

US based product retailer Costco in Taiwan apologizes for selling expired products of frozen spicy hotpot. Costco already explain the cause of the issue and apologize to the public.

The expired frozen spice hotpot came from supplier Shiweiguan Foods Co. Ltd, which the xprired products sell by date is late 2017 that came into a box showing date of August 2019. An error in packaging has been occured as the outer box has 2019/08/16 date while the inner bag has 2017/12/16.

Costco immediately removed all the boxes upon one customer told the problem. There are about 100 boxes that already sold and 200 boxes were recalled.

Costco already removed all the products from Shieweguan Food Co. Ltd and health authorities fine them for NT$60,000 (Php100,000). Costco issues full refund on the products when returned to them.

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