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Divorce Act of 2018 seeks to pass in Senate

What happened to the previous approved divorce bill that had been approved by our Congress in the Philippines? As far as we remember last year of March the House of the Representative approved a divorce bill but it was not been tackled in the Senate since the majority of the members are against of the bill.

Senator Risa Hontiveros filed a bill which is called Senate Bill 2134 or Divorce Act of 2018. This bill seeks to instill the absolute divorce in the country.

What are the grounds in filing a divorce?
1. Psychological Incapacity of either spouse- present at the time of marriage or later.
2. Violation of the Violence  Against Women and their Children Act.
3. Rape by the respondent spouse before marriage.
4. Irreconcilable differences or irreparable breakdown of marriage despite of many efforts to reconcile.

What are the other penalties?
1. If a court found in any force, fraud, or even intimidation to compel the other spouse to file the petition for absolute divorce shall faced imprisonment for five years and a fine P200,000.

2. If any of the parents fail to support the child or Alimony which have been ordered in court then shall be punished by prison mayor or fined P100,000 but not to exceed P300,000.

Above mentions are the criteria if when to file a divorce. But I doubt if this bill will pass in our Senate because the majority of the members are against this bill. And if ever this Act will pass, for sure the Palace will reject this because President Duterte a year ago had expressed his resistance.

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