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McDonald Taiwan will stop serving some of its foods, prices will raise?


After KFC Taiwan had raised its food prices another giant fast-food chain in the country is also following the step. The McDonald Taiwan is also starting to raise its prices effective January 25, 2019.

And aside from raising the price, the store also decided to stop serving on some of its product like Grand Breakfast, Breakfast Platter, BBQ Chicken Wings, McCripsy Chicken Box, Happy Sharing Box or Party Sharing Box.

Also, some its drink like Floated Orange Soda and other floats, Sesame Sundae, Sesame McFlurry, hot chocolate, and iced coffee will not anymore be served. This decision had been made after a series of study to which product is less consumed by customers.

Meanwhile, starting next week the customers will be able to order chicken thighs, drumsticks or wings separately, with drumsticks and thighs costing NT$55, while wings will cost NT$45 each.

So, for now, that will be the changes in one of the giant fast-food chains in Taiwan which is McDonald.

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