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No Cold Spell Yet In Taiwan: Central Weather Bureau

According to Taiwan's Cetral Weather Bureau, Taiwan still won't have a cold spell in the following weeks on its winter season. It may have by end of January or in February and still depends if temperature, moisture and humidity gather for a cold spell.

In 2018, the first snow drop came at January 9, 2018 at 2am, by having a snow fall the tenperature must be at consitent freezing point of 0degrees celcius. No total cold spell encountered in 2017 in Taiwan.

Weather is accurate for 10days on advance, as CWB wont rule out a cold spell before the winter ends in February. Cold spell drops the mercury of 10 degrees celcius for a short period.

If the temperature still goes up for more than 2 degrees celcius it is possible that Taiwan wont have a snow season this year.


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