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Repacking And Selling Of Expired Milk Powder As Seven People Arrested In Taiwan

Easecom Trading Co. Ltd. company were suspected of combining the expired milk powder to the fresh milk powder. After the mixture they repack anew and change the new expiry date base on the fresh milk powder and sell it to food and beverage industries.

The company is based in Kaohsiung and seven poeople were arrested that have investigation undergone to the four departments of the company.

Product names include AAA Milk powder, Dutch Milk Powder and Rose Milk powder have the most repacked milk powder of combined expired and fresh powder. According to authorities it is the director of the company that instructed the employees to do such combination, about 8,441kg of milk powder have been seized on site.

Fake expire dates were printed and distributed to food and beverage outlets, KTV, Tea shops and other establishments. The siezed products have been recycled as the director post a bail for NT$100,000 (Php170,000).


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