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Research Institute Of Taiwan Bans Huawei Devices

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan have decided to ban all smartphone and computers made by China’s Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. This decision is to maintain information security from its internal network.

ITRI is one of the leading technology in the world of research and development that made Taiwan a top tier in terms of businesses and companies.

The decision is effective immediately, no Huawei smartphone and computer devices to access the research institute. The Presidential Office building and cabinet in Taiwan banned the use of Chinese branded devices that are used for information and communication.

Other institutes in Taiwan like the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Financial Supervisory Commission also said that they are not using the Huawei brand specially in the core system of the nation’s bank.

Although Huawei can be as a personal use but not in any system and network information of Taiwan.


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