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Taiwan to set five months " Amnesty Program" for overstayed Foreign Nationals

     Do you know that there are 88,000 overstaying migrants in Taiwan? Yes, it is true especially when Taiwan had implemented the South Bound Policy. So to lessen this growing up overstayed migrants, the National Immigration Agency (NIA) of Taiwan has come up to the so-called " Amnesty Program for Foreign Nationals"

There will be five (5) months grace period for all overstayed Foreign Nationals. For those who will surrender themselves, no detention will happen and they will just pay the fined NT2,000 and less re-entry ban. And for those who will not surrender themselves and if be caught aside from NT$10,000 fine, they will be detained and will be ban to enter Taiwan for 8 years.

For those who want to surrender themselves, MECO branches will be willing to assist.


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