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What We Know About The Contagious Disease African Swine Fever

African Swine Fever or ASF is a viral disease that affects the domestic and wild pigs, it is responsible for a serious production loss and cause economic problem. Consumption of meat coming from animals affected by African swine fever causes several illness to humans.

The disease likely to spread among pigs on either domestic or in the wild by any live or dear pig or even just a pork product. It is considered as transboundary animal disease, it can be spread affecting non-living materials like shoes, clothes, knives, equipment that have been touched by an affected ASF meat.

As a highly contagious hemorrhagic viral disease, ASF has no approved vaccine and will cause serious economic loss. Taiwan is very strict on meat products, strict inspections on airports and seaports have been implemented.

According to World Organization for Animal Health, confirmed outbreaks have spread in China and some parts of Europe. Philippines also doing its part for this disease not to enter the country as an issue have been made under Memorandum Order No.23 imposing temporary ban on the importation of domestic and wild pigs and their products.


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