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Drone Operators In Taiwan Must Now Be Certified By The Aeronautics Agency

Effective by July 2019, all drone operators in Taiwan needs to obtain a certification for operation of any kinds of drone. An operator must pass an exam and must be registered with the Civil Aeronautics Administration for new drone regulations.

This act was already passed last year and will wait until July 2019 to apply. Under the new regulations, any unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) weighing 250 grams and above must be mandatory registered and operators must be certified.

This is for government authorities to identify any owner in any case of accident or incident. Registration codes will be marked to any UAV, without the codes authority in charge may shutdown the drone and owner will be penalized.

Although media outlets and schools may be exempted from this act which is still subjected for approval. Registered aircrafts must only flown during daylight and 400 above ground level.

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