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One Filipino Arrested In Taichung For Overstaying 17 Years

Police officers in Taichung City have arrested a 53 year old Filipino in Taichung City which shocked everyone because its case was overstaying in Taiwan for 6,160 days or more than 17 years reported by Common Daily.

Philippine in nature but the man insists that he was indigenous Taiwanese because he speaks fluent mandarin and even the local dialect. He was arrested because he was behaving suspeciously in a hoodie jacket going back and forth in a park in Taichung.

Police officers from Jian Kang Police Station saw the Filipino guy that he is using the special version of easycard printed with foreign flag and languages that leads to suspecious of being an illegal migrant worker.

He admitted that he is indeed an illegal migrant worker as he was transferred to the National Immigration Agency for possible penalties and deportation.

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