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Pinay Caregiver In Taiwan Diagnosed With Cervical Cancer Wished To Be With Her Daughter

Critically ill Filipina Caregiver in Taiwan only have one wish, to go home and be with her beloved daughter.  She was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer, reported by United Daily News.

The domestic caregiver have been working with the Taiwanese family since 2016 but since feeling abdominal pain since the start of this year. In an effort by her employer and agency that seek help to raise fund for her to cure its cervical cancer that have raised for about NT$70,000 (Php120,000) that came from donations.

Show Chwan Memorial Hospital diagnosed her with the critical cancer with signs of failing organs. The doctor said she could pass away any moment and advised her for palliative care services. The Taiwanese family felt heartbroken that they did know about her illness much sooner.

With her condition now being stable with the help of her employer and treatment she recieved, her agency is arranging flight back to Philippines to see her daughter and continue her treatment. All she just want is her daughter to have a very good living.

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