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Taiwan Encourages Filipinos To Study In Taiwan

The Taiwan Education Center Philippines in collaboration with St. Paul University in Quezon City, Manila held and event that will encourage students and teachers to study mandarin in Taiwan for further studies in mandarin to pursue doctoral degrees.

Both status can even apply for school scholarship to lessen the financial use during studying. Taiwan’s representative have oriented the students and faculty regarding Taiwan’s high education system and the quality of teaching.

Academic and practical skills will be developed in giving the appropriate course, scholarships are available for anyone who will pursue their degrees in Mandarin.

Taiwanese representative aimed to help Filipino students understand the big possibilities, opportunities and benefits of learning foreign language especially mandarin. This also promotes the cultural and educational exchange for Philippines and Taiwan.


  1. This is great step taken by Taiwan govt and universities. Students can apply for higher studies in the Taiwan. Thanks, for sharing this post with us.

  2. how to avail the scholarship program..tnx



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