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Taiwan Labor Department Apologizes For Putting Philippine Flag Upside Down

Ministry of Labor of Taiwan apologizes for putting the Philippines Flag upside down on a light box advertisment in Taoyuan International Airport. The flag was placed where the red color is on top instead of the blue, which means that red on top is that Philippines is at state of war.

A Philippine compatriot noticed the adverstisment and sent notice to MOL regarding the ad.

In the post of Philippine compatriot:
''Dear Ministry of Labor, I saw a poster in the Taoyuan Customs area which had the Philippine flag placed erroneously! The Philippine flag has blue on top, and only in times of war is red place on top! I don't know how to explain it to this unit..."

The MOL have issued its sincerest apology to the Philippines and already removed the advertisment and subject to change.

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  1. should have been left for me Filipinos are still in war as long as they travel overseas to work for the welfare of their family


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