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Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg., world's largest chipmaker loss over NT$6 billion because of substandard raw material

Taipei, Taiwan (Feb. 25, 2019) - The world's largest contract chipmaker, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) had lost over NT$6 billion from production mishap.

Due to substandard material that had been found on the product which was produced in their plant in Tainan. According to TSMC the root cause had been identified on Jan. 19. The company had found out that their raw material has substandard photoresist chemicals and it resulted in low yields on wafers production. The supplier of the raw material is a well-known performer in the industry and have been their supplier for a long time.

This production mishap had much affected their clients such as NVIDIA Corp., Hisilicon Technologies Co., and Taiwan's MediaTek Inc. This already the second time the company had losses after a virus strike to their computers last August 2018. 

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