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Chunghwa Picture Tubes In Taoyuan To Layoff 2500 Employees

With its reorganization plan for its bankruptcy, Chunghwa Picture Tubes Co Ltd located in Taoyuan City plan to layoff around 2,500 employees. According to the company, it needs to reorganize its business content, gather some idle capacity and have to save on distribution, personnel, and costs. 

The plans have already submitted to Taoyuan City Government Department of Labor and told to assists employees to transfer jobs. Employees include both local and migrant workers.

The estimated count were 2500 local Taiwanese employees and migrant workers, as announced. The company has a total manpower of 4,500 with almost 70% of its manpower now being laid off.

Chunghwa Picture Tubes manufacture LCD and LED panel displays like then ones from Innolux and AU Optronics. It blames the over expansion of Chinese companies in China with same product type and the trade dispute.

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