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Taipei Ranked 8, London Tops For The List Of Mega Rich Residents

According to Knight Frank’s 2019 Wealth Report that have just released, London clinched the top spot for numbers of mega rich residents in City with individuals worth a minimum of US$30Million. Here is the current top 10 list of number of millionaire in each cities:

1. London (4,944)
2. Tokyo (3,732)
3. Singapore (3,598)
4. New York (3,378)
5. Beijing (1,673)
6. Paris (1,667)
7. Seoul (1,594)
8. Taipei (1,519)
9. Zurich (1,507)
10. Sao Paulo (1,352)

London has the most number of richest billionares including the members of the billionaire line of Rausing Family who owned several companies in Europre. London will still remain as the place for most richest resident until the end of 2019.

New York is on the only US city in top 10 of the most number of richest resident while several Asian cities has been the hub of billionaires which biggest number of cities in the list.

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