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Filipina DH in Hongkong received compensation after being fired because of cancer illness

A Filipina worker in Hongkong who was fired by her employer due to his illness got compensation against her former employer.

 Baby Jane Allas, 38yrs old and a single mother of 5 children had been diagnosed with cancer while she was working in Hongkong as Domestic Helper in a Pakistani family. She was fired by her employer after it was known that she is suffering from cancer.

Her case had reached the Hongkong Labor Tribunal and win against her former employer. She will be receiving compensation with a total HK$30,000 (Php 190,000) for sickness allowance, medical fees, and wages

Her plight has gained a widespread sympathy in HongKong community and the employer of her sister who is also working in Hongkong have able to fundraise amounting to HK$900,000 (Php 5,697,000).

The said amount will be used for her treatment which she is undergoing radiation therapy five times a week and once a week of chemotherapy.

 She is urging also her fellow domestic helper to voice out or report any violence.
As of now, she is still looking forward to working in an employer that can able to accept his condition.

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