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Legalization of gay marriage in Taiwan as first in Asia

Taipei Taiwan - May 17, 2019. It's now final and official that same-sex marriage have been legalized in Taiwan.

A number of the world’s leading corporations have expressed optimism about the economic outlook of Taiwan after it becomes the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage in May.

Companies including Airbnb, Google, Deutsche Bank, Mastercard, Microsoft, EY, and Taiwan-based O-Bank Co, have together praised the benefits of such marriages, Reuters reported

According to economic experts, benefits brought by gay marriage include boosted productivity, increased labor mobility, and a less stressful workplace, the report noted. 

As we remember that Taipei City Government announced last April 23, 2019, the start of advance registration for gay couples planning to tie the knot. And on the same day, 39 couples made


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