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PTI, MXIC and Winbond Posted Revenue Growth

Memory packaging and testing Powertech Technology Inc (PTI) and memory chipmakers Macronix Internation Co (MXIC) and Winbond Electronics Corp rebound from their loss in previous months and saw their revenues climb up.

MXIC as the world’s largest NOR flash memory chip maker adds a 8.8% revenue growth ending a four month decline while Winbond the third largest in NOR flash memory chip maker saw a 13.72% increase in revenue.

PTI on the other hand posted a 13.3% growth in revenue month-on-month which an increase to its trembling 1st quarter of 2019 revenue. A much needed recovery for the company will come up in the 2nd half of the year.

All three companies are preparing for the much busier 2nd half of the year, it is already forecasts that the 2ndhalf would so much demand after customers depleted their inventories. Some customers handled production lines that moved out of China to avoid heavy tariffs by the US on Chinese imports.

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