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Taiwan launches the "One stop service" for HIV patients

HIV and  AIDS are the most common disease that rapidly infects thousands of people around the world.

In Taiwan as of March 2019, it is estimated that the country has 39,000 of people are infected and 18,000of this is living with AIDS. According to CDC Deputy Director-General Philip Lo.

Meanwhile,  Huang Yen-fang the chief of CDC Division of Chronic Contagious Disease has announced its new "ONE STOP"  Service to address this problem. Starting this month, 12  hospitals in Major Cities such as in Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung will offer the "one-stop service."

What's new?
1. The initial test will only last for 20 minutes
2. The second test will only last for 30 minutes
3. If found positive, the treatment will begin right away on that day

- unlike the traditional ways which took months to find out the result.

the last year 2018 the data with HIV in Taiwan had increased to 610 cases. So it is advisable for those who are practicing unprotected sex must have a yearly checkup.


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  1. Where is the one stop service in Taoyuan being located?


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