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Taiwan Recorded With The Lowest Fertility Rate In The World

On a recent report by World Population Review, Taiwan recorded with the lowest fertility rate in the world with 1.218 children per woman. Though the report is challenged by the Taiwan government.

For the listed 200 countries, Taiwan is in the bottom of the list of the 2019 report in the Fertility Rate by Country which is published in California. However, Taiwan’s National Development Council the rate did not match the country’s data.

Other countries with low fertility rates include Maldova with 1.23 children per woman, Portugal with 1.26 and Poland with 1.29. Taiwan’s current population is about 23.76 million that ranked 56th in the world.

Taiwan government showed that the statistics of the country’s total fertility rate is at 1.06, though still lower that the released report by World Population Review. The total recorded population in the world records at 7.71billion.

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