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Electricity Rate For Summer In Taiwan To Hike By Start Of June

The summer electricity rates in Taiwan will go full effect from June 1 to September 30 during the peak summer heat. The rates will reach up to 27% higher than the standard rates for the state run Taiwan Power Co also known as Taipower.

Consumers are encouraged to reduce the use power consumption for these summer months. An average household, consume a 300 kilowatt per hour per month and this will go up to 420 kilowatt per hour during the summer.

With these consumption, expect a higher electricity bill. The 420 kilowatt per hour consumption will set you back NT$440 according to the estimates of Taipower.

Taipower advise everyone to conserve energy as the state own company will offer rebate for every reduction of 1 kilowatt per hour consumed from the same period of last year.

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