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First Drone Successfully Transported Antivenom To A Mountain In Taiwan

A drone have successfully transported an antivenom to a very remote clinic in a mountain in southwestern part of Taiwan in Chiayi County. The greatest difference is the altitude of the mountain covered by the drone to deliver the aid in a mountainous area.

This would be the first high altitude delivery of a drone from a mountain clinic on Alishan and possibly a world record for high altitude. This is to aid the personnel that are bitten by venomous snakes and there were at least 1000 reported cases every year.

Taiwan Centers for Disease Control and the Ministry of Transpiration jointly cooperate on the drone delivery of serum on high altitude mountains. The unmanned aerial vehicle or drone uses a 3D software that is used to simulate the route and remove obstacle.

They use the Alishan due to its rugged terrain and high altitude with cold temperature as a testing site for the delivery and it is a success.

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