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Less People Living Under The Poverty Line In Taiwan, Leads Asia

According to independent research group Pew Research Center, Taiwan contains less people that are living under the poverty line that any other countries in Asia.

The research center shows 0% of Taiwanese citizens live in less than US$2 (Php104) per day and only 0.7% live between US$2-10 (Php104-520) per day according to the statistics.

Pew Research Center adjusted the figure to US$2 per day rather than the World Bank at US$1.90 (Php98.8) per day as the global poverty line. Under the poverty line are citizen that cannot afford resources which includes food and shelter.

In contrast, Taiwan contains the largest percentage of citizens with high income in Asia at 33.8% or living over US$50 (Php2,600) per day. A 56.8% of Taiwan’s population live between US$20-50 (Php1040-2600) and only 8.7% lives between US$10-20 per day.

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