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Taiwan Government is carefully tighten the rules against migrant labor rights

Taiwan Legislative Yuan approved the third reading of amendments to the Employment Service Act on Friday, by which employers or employment agencies could be subject to a fine of up to NT$300,000 (US$9,741) for violating migrant workers' rights

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Wu Yu-chin, the amendments proposed, said that under the amendments, brokers cannot detain the migrants' identity documents or work permits against the will of employers and workers; violators would be fined between NT$60,000 and NT$300,000.

We pointed out that according to the new rules, employment agencies would also face a fine from NT$300,000 to NT$1.5 million if they are involved in sexual assault, human trafficking, restriction of personal freedom, grievous bodily harm or homicide and they have to report any case of the mentioned felonies perpetrated against migrant workers within 24 hours.

She added that brokers who contravene the amendments could lose their operating permit and could not reapply for it in five years.

Wu said the amendments echo the New Southbound Policy under the government of President Tsai Ing-wen and are a new human rights milestone since the 2016 amendments to the Employment Service Act, which abolished the rule that migrant workers should leave Taiwan every three years.

The government needs to fundamentally improve labor relations and the mutual trust between migrant workers, employers, and employment agencies.


  1. what about.. excessive dormitory fees and broker fee..

  2. What about forcing the migrant worker by broker to be home at their curfew time? Is it againts to the personal freedom of worker by restricted them? Hopefully the admin of this site would response here. Thank you

  3. we want to enjoy our stay in taiwan while working. but our brookes have curfew.. also indicated in our contract that the company shall provide free accommodation but the truth is we are paying much for them.

  4. Since i came here in taiwan to be a caretaker i didnt have my passport because my employer has my passport until now. No day off sometimes no food to eat. I have so many concern to my broker but my broker didnt do anything she just said you wait you wait almost 2 months i am waiting for her update if she can transfer me to another employer but until now its nothing happen.

  5. What about the FOOD ALLOWANCE is it right to included in BASIC PAY?

  6. Do we really need to pay the brokers fee? I have a friend working in other company but we have the same broker, he told me that they dont have it since July this year.Thank you

  7. sana lng i implement and day off once in seven days na nkasulat sa contract nming mga caretakers/caregivers pahirapan kc mag paalam sa mga amo day off is our rights us human .


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