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Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers for Power Technology Inc.

Company: Powertech Technology Inc. (PTI)

Company Profile
Founded in 1997, Powertech Technology Inc. (PTI) is the world's leading provider for IC backend services. The services cover IC chip probing, packaging, final testing and burn in to end products with drop shipments to worldwide end customers. With more than 15,000 employees in the world, PTI has world-class manufacturing plants in Hsin-Chu, Chunan of Taiwan, Suzhou, Xian of China, Singapore and Japan.

Position: Factory Operators
Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan

1. If you find or suspect any discrimination in the recruitment process items such as: race, thought, country of origin, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, appearance, facial features or other disabilities... etc. Please contact us at hr@pti.com.tw

2. If you find or suspect any unethical conduct committed by PTI employee or anyone representing PTI, Please contact us at csr@pti.com.tw


Visit and apply personally to the ff JS Contractor office agency:

1. JS Contractor Manila Branch at JS Contractor Building, 423 Magallanes St, Intramuros, Manila

2. JS Contractor Cebu Branch at 219-A Dionisio Jakosalem St, Cebu City



  1. How about my application? its been a months and this is nothing..

  2. Good morning sir/ ma'am .
    Im intrested in your company to work if you give a chance to work in your company .I give my all best



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