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Typhoon Danas(Falcon) to landfall across Taiwan

Typhoon update (July 17, 2019)- As of 5:00 am, the PAG-ASA of the Philippines issued weather forecast of the typhoon Falcon with international name as Danas is now in the tip of Aparri Cagayan and heading to the Babuyan group of island.

Meanwhile, the CWB of Taiwan is set to issue land warning this morning 11:30 as the typhoon Danas is approaching the country. As of 2:00 am the typhoon is located at 500 kilometer away from Eluanbi.

According to the CWB, typhoon Danas is moving Northwest with the speed of 16 kph and with the maximum sustained wind of 64 kph and gustiness wind of 90 kph.

The typhoon Danas is expected to landfall across Taiwan, so expect the severe weather  on July 18-19.


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